Sustainable, environmentally safe, while equally beautiful and durable choices are: Hardwood, Bamboo, Cork, Marmoleum, Tile, and Natural Fibers Carpeting


EcoTimber Brazilian Cherry

Nothing can beat the natural beauty, the depth of color or the unifying quality of hardwood flooring throughout a home.  Eco Timber FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) certified wood flooring and Bamboo flooring:  EcoTimber brings change to the way forest ecosystems are managed worldwide by offering wood products that only come from the highest standards of sustainable forest management.  EcoTimber is also committed to providing high-quality, beautiful, and healthy products that are free from toxic materials. 

When you buy from EcoTimber, you're not just buying the finest wood products available.  You're casting a dollar vote for sustainable forestry, and helping conserve forests through responsible wood use.  EcoTimber offers a wide range of gorgeous domestic and exotic hardwood and bamboo flooring, including prefinished engineered and floating floors.  Purchasing eco-friendly wood products does not mean sacrificing beauty, durability, or ease of installation.

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Did you know? Because they are so easy to clean, wood floors are great for air quality; thus a good choice for people with allergies.